Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pismo is almost here..


It's coming & I get to hang out with Nate & J Dogg.

I know other people are going to be there too but who cares?? I mean come on, MY brother is going to be there. That is so UNcool.

I have been working alot lately so when I have free time I'm not sure I want to sit down in that HOT room upstairs & listen to Frank teach.

He says it's been fun lately (I think it's more of the same). I'm doing fine & don't need to hear anymore of what he has to say right now.

I am trying to show up though because I do want to go to Pismo. It's like a month away but everybody is getting excited. I am looking forward to it BUT I wouldn't say I'm excited.

Spending time with nate & Jameson will be fun though.

So we will see how it goes!!