Monday, November 29, 2004


Yes I did, I stayed the night at Jameson's house on Friday night. I played Monopoly (And lost) then we played Halo 2 three-way with Sarah which I liked because I could fly & drive a jeep. Hey I even had a horn, But every now & then Jameson would just show up and jump on me or shoot me or blow me up & kill me. I had fun while I was alive, and if that wasn't enough his dog tried to eat me.

Yes he did, Ranger bit me & drew blood. It hurt a little but I'm not going to sue Jameson or anything.

Saturday I put in some community hours helping with the Christmas child stuff & that was OK. It was fun until Danielle & Jenna took my Soccer ball & hid it from me. Well it wasn't really mine but I was playing with it until it found a home.

So they were mean but I had a pretty cool weekend. I went to Nates on Sunday & you know what that means..

Yep.. Nate+Justin = Love

ShArE ThE LoVe

Someone text me soon...

uh wait... Uh no not a good idea (Just kidding mom)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

a list ???

Aww man I don't want to make a list. What is this school while I'm on vacation? I don't want to think about that kind of stuff then try to make a list of it.

I'll just take what ever Jameson is getting.. Or Nate yeah whatever Nate wants is what I want because you know Nate + Justin = Love

Yeah buddy you know it (Fist, Fist)

Where is my friend at so I can use their cell & text Nate?? Oooops did I say that out loud (Just kidding mom).. heh heh

Later..uh bye...

Monday, November 22, 2004

Thanksgiving weekend...


Thanksgiving day is coming. Then it's Friday at Jameson's house & Saturday working at that Christmas warehouse place...

I was supposed to go to the river with my dad but I didn't want to have to help put a new roof on our place down there. So he said i could stay and hang out with Jameson (Fist, Fist, JK, LOL)

So this weekend will be fun exceot for one thing. I don't really like clam chowder. I guess I could eat bread and crackers then.

So yeah, this is a short week then a LONG weekend....

I'm ready.. Is it Wednesday yet?

Friday, November 19, 2004

Who knew I knew so much about the bible...

Yeah that's right. I did the stoopid bible trivia test with Jameson (Fist, Fist, JK, JK)

And we tied for 1st place. No we didn't cheat, we just know how to pass tests without studying them.

Welllll I know I only got 50% but that was better than anyone else did...

Cept for jameson (Fist, Fist)

Ya well uh, I need to go now.