Thursday, November 03, 2005

Last Night We Were Good

So yeah we all got in trouble last week.
Stupid girls....
It's all their fault (I mean you know it couldn't have been me or J Dawg).

But we were real good last night SEE FRANK WE'RE TRYING.

Last Sunday night was cool too, we got to see Nate ( I love Nate). Yeah we had fun & got in trouble again, Stupid Girls !!!

But we have been doing good every since except, I was supposed to be the tree for one of Frank's weird skits. Well I forgot to practice (So did everybody else) so the skit was cancelled. Frank wasn't upset at all though so he was chill THIS time.

He was also all excited about some stupid documentary movie night at the church ( I think Frank needs to get out more).

OK, well I got to run now.