Tuesday, March 29, 2005

J Dawg & J Dogg


J Dawg here…..

Yesss I am…. Well we went to Winter Camp.. and it was fun (Except when Natanial Ross threw my pillow out in the snow at midnight). It was cool though cause I love him… JK JK JK

The teacher was good & I even liked the band too (Even though I don’t sing).

I did have one small complaint. Why did Frank take pictures at midnight in the dark? It hurt my eyes & now there are pictures of me in my hot lips silk boxers. That’s ok though cause I look sexy….

Right now I’m getting ready to go to the river with my dad & grandpa & J Dogg (Jameson). We already know something is going to catch on fire & something is going to end up broken, Maybe my brother?? So this coming week will be lots of fun.

So uh, yeah. I’ll tell you more when I get back…