Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Can too much blue become black?

Guess what?

Jameson & I decided to dye our hair black. We pushed Mary enough until she caved & bought us some hair dye. She made me call my mom to get permission (What was that all about?).

So anyways, Sarah & Bethany dyed mine & Jameson's hair black. The actual name was Blue Black or Midnight Black or something...

So now our hair is very dark. I almost gagged on the fumes when Bethany was rinsing my hair. I also noticed my hair got hot. That was so wierd what makes my hair hot?

Then we went to the Christmas Party. That was fun too we played another stupid game thet Frank & Mary came up with. They made us talk to strangers?? I thought kids weren't supposed to talk to strangers....

So much for our youth leaders thinking about our safety...


Hey Nate was there too, Yessss he was..

Fist Fist JK JK



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