Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pismo is almost here..


It's coming & I get to hang out with Nate & J Dogg.

I know other people are going to be there too but who cares?? I mean come on, MY brother is going to be there. That is so UNcool.

I have been working alot lately so when I have free time I'm not sure I want to sit down in that HOT room upstairs & listen to Frank teach.

He says it's been fun lately (I think it's more of the same). I'm doing fine & don't need to hear anymore of what he has to say right now.

I am trying to show up though because I do want to go to Pismo. It's like a month away but everybody is getting excited. I am looking forward to it BUT I wouldn't say I'm excited.

Spending time with nate & Jameson will be fun though.

So we will see how it goes!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I just don't care..

Everyone keep stelling me how I should try to act friendlier, or more respectful of other. Like I should care how they feel

People get mad at me beause I'm proud to be a white american. That doesn't amek me a racist & if it does, I don't care.

I don't care what people think of me or my friends. I will do what I want & when I want. I don't care about school, my future, my career, church, youth group or God. I don't care about anything & you can't make me.

Well actually I do care about some things BUT I'll never tell you what I care about. It's cooler & safer to act like I don't care about anything. Let people get mad, let 'em hate me I DON'T CARE!

I will do what I want & if it bothers you go away, leave me alone. I will never do what I don't want to do, ever if it would help someone else. These are supposed to be the best years of our lives, well I'm living like it then. I can care later (Maybe) for now, it's all about me & what I want to do.

Unless of course Nate needs something..LOL


Or Chris, or Jameson...

But other than that, I don't care!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pismo is coming..

That's what Frank said. Isn't it like half a year away still???

Anyways Frank's excited and so are some of the students. I think it will be cool beauce Chris & J-Dawg will be there. Now if we can only find away to get around the homework.

That's right homework! Frank this isn't school... But if we want to go we must do the stoopid homework. All this just so we can spend some time with Nate JP=NK=TLA.

Of course in addition to homework we also have new rules ( I swear this is sounding more & more like school). I can be sent home for laughing?? I mean I do laugh all the time but sometimes Frank says something it reminds me of something I heard. I tell J-Dawg or Chris & there we go. We start giggeling and the more we do the madder Frank gets, the madder he gets the more we giggle.

I don't see what the big deal is, I mean we're NOT IN SCHOOL FRANK !!!

But we will try to be better because we love nate, I mean we want to go to Pismo JK JK.

Gotta run, J-Dawg is texting me...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

That student thing is coming...

So I think I have some breathing room back. I was allowed to go to a Hockey game last weekend (They won) and this weekend is the student thing.

I'm not really interested in the conference, but I get to hang out with J-Dogg & the Chris Rock. We will scout around for some hotties & see if J-Dogg can't get some numbers for us!

Wednesdays are fun, Frank or Mary teach something (usually boring) but I do get to hang with J & C.R. So it's fun for us....

I think Frank is getting angry again though. I wonder what will happen if he really gets mad this time??

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stoopid Girlz

Well this last weekend was NOT a lot of fun. Yeah me and J-Dawg got in trouble again, stoopid girlz. I know it's not the girlz fault this time but I think I need to blame somebody.

I'm surprised my dad and Frank didn't just beat us to death. They let us live, although I'm in trouble for a while.

This weekend we saw Nate at church JP+NK = Love
I didn't even get to hang out with him, that sucked.

I wonder if Nate is going to Pismo? I wonder if Frank will let him go?

Oh well at least I get to see J-Dawg & the brown kid tonight. That student meeting conference thing is coming too. I wonder if there will be any hot girls there? (Stoopid girlz)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Truth isn't changeable..

I think that is how Frank said it.

It was interesting being there last night. I mean I pretty much hate being in that youth group & my best friend quit already, but last night I went because Chris gave his word to Frank (What is that all about?).

But the weirdest part is I had some fun & everybody acted like they missed me. I did understand some (Not all but some) of what Frank taught.

I think Frank was trying to bribe me by offering to take me to a Kings game if we hang out sometime.

The lesson, story or teaching was so so but I did stickit out. We laughed had some fun & basically it didn't kill me, HECK it didn't even hurt.

Oh, BTW.. Frank's quote was "Truth isn't relative" so what does that mean to me as a Christian? I guess I'll have to go back to find out.

Time to call J-Dawg and see how CCA was last night...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Last Night We Were Good

So yeah we all got in trouble last week.
Stupid girls....
It's all their fault (I mean you know it couldn't have been me or J Dawg).

But we were real good last night SEE FRANK WE'RE TRYING.

Last Sunday night was cool too, we got to see Nate ( I love Nate). Yeah we had fun & got in trouble again, Stupid Girls !!!

But we have been doing good every since except, I was supposed to be the tree for one of Frank's weird skits. Well I forgot to practice (So did everybody else) so the skit was cancelled. Frank wasn't upset at all though so he was chill THIS time.

He was also all excited about some stupid documentary movie night at the church ( I think Frank needs to get out more).

OK, well I got to run now.