Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pismo is coming..

That's what Frank said. Isn't it like half a year away still???

Anyways Frank's excited and so are some of the students. I think it will be cool beauce Chris & J-Dawg will be there. Now if we can only find away to get around the homework.

That's right homework! Frank this isn't school... But if we want to go we must do the stoopid homework. All this just so we can spend some time with Nate JP=NK=TLA.

Of course in addition to homework we also have new rules ( I swear this is sounding more & more like school). I can be sent home for laughing?? I mean I do laugh all the time but sometimes Frank says something it reminds me of something I heard. I tell J-Dawg or Chris & there we go. We start giggeling and the more we do the madder Frank gets, the madder he gets the more we giggle.

I don't see what the big deal is, I mean we're NOT IN SCHOOL FRANK !!!

But we will try to be better because we love nate, I mean we want to go to Pismo JK JK.

Gotta run, J-Dawg is texting me...


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