Monday, November 29, 2004


Yes I did, I stayed the night at Jameson's house on Friday night. I played Monopoly (And lost) then we played Halo 2 three-way with Sarah which I liked because I could fly & drive a jeep. Hey I even had a horn, But every now & then Jameson would just show up and jump on me or shoot me or blow me up & kill me. I had fun while I was alive, and if that wasn't enough his dog tried to eat me.

Yes he did, Ranger bit me & drew blood. It hurt a little but I'm not going to sue Jameson or anything.

Saturday I put in some community hours helping with the Christmas child stuff & that was OK. It was fun until Danielle & Jenna took my Soccer ball & hid it from me. Well it wasn't really mine but I was playing with it until it found a home.

So they were mean but I had a pretty cool weekend. I went to Nates on Sunday & you know what that means..

Yep.. Nate+Justin = Love

ShArE ThE LoVe

Someone text me soon...

uh wait... Uh no not a good idea (Just kidding mom)


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