Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stoopid Girlz

Well this last weekend was NOT a lot of fun. Yeah me and J-Dawg got in trouble again, stoopid girlz. I know it's not the girlz fault this time but I think I need to blame somebody.

I'm surprised my dad and Frank didn't just beat us to death. They let us live, although I'm in trouble for a while.

This weekend we saw Nate at church JP+NK = Love
I didn't even get to hang out with him, that sucked.

I wonder if Nate is going to Pismo? I wonder if Frank will let him go?

Oh well at least I get to see J-Dawg & the brown kid tonight. That student meeting conference thing is coming too. I wonder if there will be any hot girls there? (Stoopid girlz)


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